About our creations

Wall clocks deLorentis, more than a project, this is a passion for beautiful things. Our clocks, more than showing time, this is providing a touch of originality and harmony to your home fittings.

   How did this project come ?

My marked taste for drawing allied to my computing skills have led me to create a range of wall clocks that can be distinguished from the asiatic production which flood the market and can be found in many shops and also supplied by several known european manufacturers.
The aim was to keep focus on the quality and originality.
It was also to propose more over than simple but original clocks, real decorative creations,  pleasant to watch, easy to install in various house decoration.

   Why the metal ?

I have always been attracted by metal work since childhood, when I looked at my uncle a blacksmith shaping metal pieces on his anvil. The tremendous involvements occured these last 15 years in laser cutting technologies enable today the creation of complex and precise pieces using industrial machines to such an extent that a precision of a quarter of millimeter is possible with some special steels.
I tested the cutting with synthetic and plexi supports, the result was very good however the models produced suggested me more promotional items than genuine interior decorations. Even if it was economically more profitable, I prefered the metal.
Clocks have a thickness of 2 mm and use DC01 steel category (cold-rolling quality steel) but some personalized decoration can have more.

   What about the fabrication ?

It is in accordance with a specific thematic or an idea proposed by the customer. Generally the process begin with a sketch on the paper followed by several steps of digitalization with the computer. The initial drawing is converted into arcs and lines using a vectorial drawing software. During that reproduction of the initial sketch, several technical parameters and restrictions relating to laser cut techniques are taken into account such as section, shapes, angles and other designs. Also an economical aspect is considered, the purpose being to provide a creation at an affordable price for the customer. Laser cutting process is performed on expensive industrial machines and the time machine required to cut a model can significantly impact on the final price of the clock or the decoration for large public. It means that the whole lenght of cutting itself and each repositionning of the laser beam needed to initiate new recesses are added and generate a final time machine. For personalized creations of complex design, these parameters have a lower impact.
I work with a specialized partner who has several laser cutting machines and I directly supply him files using the final proprietary format (geo Trumpf). As a matter of fact this is an important advantage, he do not have to process any file conversion and correction normally needed especially for complex shapes.

Laser cut process of wall clocks deLorentis by the Tolonensis Creation company
Clocks laser cutting

   How is performed the painting ?

This is the most sensitive step of the fabrication because it must be perfectly carried out. We use a powder coating paint process which consists in applying macro colored pigments on the support thanks to an electrostatic technique and their fixation is carried out using an hoven where clock's dials are inserted during a variable period at 280°C. Special painting such as structured glossy old gold requires a two-stage process.

   How are assembled clocks ?

In order to comply with the objectives of quality we have set, the precision quartz movements1 are supplied by an european german manufacturer leader. The same for the aluminium hands supplied by another german partner specialized in watchmaking. From the outset of the project, we rejected any supply and possibilities from asiatic origin.
Quartz movements are fully noiseless2 and are provided with a smart and unique fastening system that ensures a perfect whole design contrary to almost all other fastening systems of the market using a disgracious screw to fasten quartz mechanisms.
1 Precision DIN 8325 < 1s/d
2 Inaudible at 4 cm !

   Where are they produced ?

All our clocks and decorations are cut, painted and assembled in Warsaw, Poland, because this is where I live and where I founded the company Tolonensis Creation which supplies my creations. I am one of those metal laser cutting designers working in Europe, and here I can have a full control over the fabrication process.

   And what about quality ?

The different steps of fabrication previously presented allow us to reach a level of advanced quality for this kind of products.
In 2012 within the framework of the yearly contest Good Design which puts forward various realizations for their creativeness and aestheticim,  our wall clock Pacman PAKMANIAC has been recommended by the specialists of the Design Institute of Warsaw. This recognition confirms the creativity and originality of our models.

Good Design Contest 2012 - Institute of Industrial design in Warsaw

   How shipping is managed ?

Our clocks are packaged in a way that allow long-distance transport such as Australia, Japan, USA... Clocks are supplied in a special product box secured with polystyrene which is inserted into another second transport box. For most countries within the European Union we use the services of DHL International carrier and their partners abroad. For other countries we use the Polish Post services in priority mode and their associated partners abroad. We are taking on a part of the shipping cost specially for long distances. A shipping number is sent to the customer in order to track his parcel delivery.

   Do you propose personalized creations ?

Besides our range of clocks, we propose personalized decorations according to customer's ideas, interior designer's projects, companies's projects... It encompasses all kind of creations made by metal laser cutting method. That includes complex decorations as well as other decorative objects such as panels, clocks, shelves, bookends...

Personalized creations are intended for companies as well as groups, associations, individuals...
For further questions, information and requests, feel free to contact us.
Tolonensis Creation proposes to customers customized clocks and personalized metal decorations accoring to design projects for companies groups and individuals

Customized decorations and clocks created by Tolonensis Creation - Design Jacques Lahitte

>> Discover a video of the design and the fabrication of the wall clock birds Birdy

Jacques Lahitte is the manager and designed of the company Tolonensis Creation he founded in Warsaw. The company is specialized in design and fabrication of metal wall clocks and metal decoration artefacts
Jacques Lahitte - Designer Manager