Beware of illegal copies !

The originality and creativity of our range of clocks have led some weakness and deficiency minds to copy several of our creations.

How to detect an illegal copy of our clocks ?

In fact, it is very simple !
Firstly, our clocks present a black sticker stuck on the rear side of the dial on which is written the origin : - Tolonensis Creation -  Made in EU.
Attention aux copies illégales de nos produits ! Sticker Tolonensis Creation pour les modèles originaux de nos produits
Each clock is supplied with a user recommendation sheet and a business card with all contact data required for any requests and information. 
Carte de visite de Jacques Lahite, Designer chez Tolonensis Creation
Furthermore, our clocks are equipped with quality precision quartz movements engraved Made in Germany as well as lacquered aluminium hands impossible to find on these illegal copies.

>> Read the page presenting our Silent precision quartz movements 

In addition our quartz movements are mounted using a unique design fastening system that differentiates our clocks from all other copies.

And general appearance leaves no doubt in the low and poor quality of fabrication and painting.

The unique and design fastening system supplied by Tolonensis Creation for their deLorentis clocks
The very innovative and special designed fastening system for quartz movements

Choosing original model guarantees the quality and reliability of our products