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Wall clocks deLorentis and metal decorations and ornaments are designed, manufactured and supplied by the company Tolonensis Creation.

Jacques Lahitte is the founder, manager and designer of the company since the date of the installation in 2009.

Company data

The Tolonensis Creation company is registered in Warsaw, Poland with the number 160284430.
The VAT EU number is PL 749-206-08-26.
Postal address: ul. Skarbka z Gór 140A lok.21 - 03-287 Warsaw, Poland.
Telephone: +48 515 295 700

 ! Models and creations presented in these pages are the exclusive property of the company Tolonensis Creation !
© deLorentis is a registered brand of Tolonensis Creation.

Tolonensis Creation is a company founded by a french creator and is specialized in design and manufacture of metal wall clocks and metal decorations and ornaments made using laser cutting technology
The design wall clock Puzzle © Tolonensis Creation