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Fabrication Horloge Oiseaux BIRDY

From sketch to laser cutting

The design

The approach I use to create models draws inspiration from various thematics such as decorative arts, nature and graphism. The design of the wall clock Birdy came after several observations and the presentation of a swarm of swallows sit on power lines became obvious.
Firstly I drew several models of birds on paper and I redraw them on the computer using a vectorial drawing program, adapting the original draft into lines and arcs. After that first adaptation, I arranged the whole composition taking into account the assymetry of the drawing, it means determining a balanced general presentation. Indeed, the difficulty with several of my models is to determine a precise and balanced dial (the clock itself) in order to avoid further problems of weight when the clock will be hang on the wall. The clock can spin a bit on the left or the right depending on overweight generated by the assymetry of the drawing content, at this step, the main difficulty is to avoid that. Some tests can be required here with a mock-up.

The laser cut

During the creation process, several technical parameters relating to laser cutting constraints must be taken into account (thickness, proximity, angles...) It means a good knowledge of several aspects of possibilities and restrictions imposed by the laser itself and its impact on the support during the cutting process. An another parameter is more economic. The cutting is performed on  very expensive industrial machines and the incidence of the final cost is directly linked to the required cutting machine time. This time depends on the complexity of the dial's shapes and will be more or less long according to the total lenght covered by the head of the laser machine. Also the number of laser beam ignitions (repositioning of the head) needs some extra time.
Tolonensis Creation works with a highly specialized industrial partner in Warsaw which has several laser platforms. I am also able to supply the final target file in the proprietary format (format geo - Trumpf) which will be directly processable by the laser machine. For complex design the management of this last step can impact on the final cost for the customer.
The clock models I created are generally a compromise between complexity and cost, but for personalized creations, very complex designs can be considered.

Tolonensis Creation presents the laser cutting process of the wall clock Birds

The painting

This is the most important step which will directly impact on the quality of the decoration.
The painting is performed using a powder coating process, it means that macroscopic colored pigments are applied to the support thanks to an electrostatic technique and are fixed on the support which is load in a special oven during approximatively twenty minutes under 280°C.

The assembling

Like our other models, the wall clock Birds BIRDY is equipped with a precision quartz movement made by a german partner. In addition to their high precision, this movements are fully noiseless so that it is impossible to hear the mechanism at 4 cm. Indeed our clocks can be fit in any rooms of the house where total silence can be required. These movements comply with normalization DIN 8325 which ensure a precision less than 1 second per day. 
Furthermore, they are mounted using a unique nice fastening system which do not affect the whole design of the creation unlike almost other asiatic made clocks provided by shops and several manufacturers on the european market presenting a disgracious screw.
Hands of our clocks are also made by an another german manufacturer specialized in watchmaking. Hands are aluminium lacquered in white, silver or gold colour depending on the model.

The smart design quartz movement fastening system is mounted on all our wall clocks

These various criteria we selected allow us to offer neat and high quality creations.

The wall clock Birdy is a model very appreciated by our customers.
Design Jacques Lahitte
© Tolonensis Creation

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