Precision movements

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Quartz movements

We have chosen to equip our clocks with quality movements (mechanisms). For that purpose we decided to use quartz movements made by a german manufacturer whose products completely differ with other asiatic products used in almost all production visible on the european market.
These are very reliable and precise movements with a precision less than 1 second per day (DIN 8325).
Our quartz movements are also fitted with a metallic axis.

Silent movements

Our quartz movements are fully inaudible and do not emit any noise during operation. They are fully compatible with an installation in places where total silence is required.

UTS Silent Precision Quartz movements

Design movement fastening system

The particularity of our quartz movements lies in using a designed fastening system which completely differs with all unattractive screw used with almost all other quartz clocks mounting of the market.  Our system needs a specific tool and this solution enhances the aesthetic aspect of our creations.

Design fastening for precision UTS quartz movements

Quality hands

Our hands are supplied by another german manufacturer specialized in watchmaking. Hands are aluminium lacquered, colored in gold, white or silver, depending on clock models.

Other quartz movements

As described previously, our movements are quartz controlled. Radio controlled clock movements can also be supplied for customized clocks, they use an assisted system fed by a radio signal transmitted from Germany and monitored by an atomic clock which allows an absolute time precision . These movements also automatically adjust winter/summer hours.
Other creations can also be fitted with quartz precision pendulum movements.

Uts radio-controlled, pendulum and other quartz movements

Movements supplying

We can supply movements and accessories (minimum 50~100 items) depending on models.
Feel free to contact us for further information.