The gallery of clocks deLorentis

deLorentis presents a unique and original range of quality metal wall clocks designed by a french creator.

A selection of our original wall clocks

Clocks have been designed in a way that they can easily fit in various house decorations. Thematic diversity allows our customers to find the right clock in accordance with their wall decoration or decor project.

NOTE : German mechanisms which equip our products are fully inaudible within 4 cm hence they can be installed in rooms where total silence is required such as bedrooms.

The birds clock Birdy, one of our Bestseller appreciated model

The clock Birdy meets a great success and its utter originality and precision lies in that original arrangement featuring a swarm of swallows sit on power lines. This thematic have been picked up for the design of the wall decoration Birdy.

The very original and beautiful clock Birds designed by deLorentis is one of the most appreciated creations
» Clock birds BIRDY

Clocks fit harmoniously into many rooms of the house such as living room, kitchen or bedroom, but also they can enhance the working environment decoration with some models like contemporary clocks Broken Time and Temporis.

The smart deisgn clock Broken Time suits in many modern home fittings
» Contemporary clock BROKEN TIME

The contemporary clock Temporis harmoniously fits in design and modern home decorations
» Cotemporary clock TEMPORIS

The exotic clock Colombus is also a great success. We propose it with a structured glossy old gold painting that gives the dial an appearence of ancient navigation instruments. Contrary twhat one might think, the clock Colombus smoothly integrates in various home fittings.

The decorative clock Colombus Old gold is well adapted for exotic and colonial decoration as well as more conventional fittings
» Exotic clock COLOMBUS
» Exotic clock COLOMBUS Old gold

The Art Deco clock is a model very appreciated by thematic and vintage lovers. The model draws inspiration in the very creative Arts Décoratifs period, it recalls this beautiful style through the lines and typography of hours, nevertheless the composition brings also a touch of modernity.

The beautiful Art Deco clock designed by Tolonensis Creation presents a modern appearence that allows interesting and various home decoration
» Clock ART DECO

Several models are proposed with colored dials that fit perfectly with modern home fittings. The design clock Tic-Tac-Toe which presents an extreme originality is based on the famous known game.

The green clock Tic-Tac-Toe presents a very original dial featuring the eponymous game
» Modern clock TIC-TAC-TOE

The red clock Circus easely fits in many contemporary house decoration, particularly in kitchens
» Red clock CIRCUS

With models Twist and Labyrinth, the clock Twister offers a visual effect composition, in that case a twist of the dial under a rotation effect of the dials.

The design clock Twister presents a smart and original dial well suited for modern house decoration
» Modern clock TWISTER

All these creations are made using DC01 steel quality support (cold-rolling process). Colour enhancement is performed using a powder coating paint process. Clocks are equipped with Silent precision quartz movements made in Germany.

Design Jacques Lahitte


Personalized clocks for individuals

You have a project of home decoration, you whish to acquire a clock that might fit with your home fittings ?

According to thematic and idea you have, I offer you the possibility to design and build your own customized clock smiley-smile.gif

Sizes may be variable as well as shapes. You can imagine a clock within a mural ornament. Also colours can be selected in the RAL Color chart, or any specialized colorization such as structured glossy old gold and old copper, textured painting.

This is a real opportunity for you to carry out your own designed clock at an affordable price too !

Feel free to contact us for further information and possibilities and join our customers who take advantage of this nice solution.

Personalized clocks for companies

You are a company, a group, an association, you wish to acquire customized clocks in small or medium quantity, please feeel free to contact us to check offered possibilities.