Installation des horloges deLorentis


Let a gap of some millimeters between the inner side of the square bend screw hook and the wall in order to have the clock positioned parallel to the wall.

Note ! For an easier installation, present the clock with the 12 on the left and the 6 on the right, install it on the kook and turn the dial to the right position.

Attention ! Do not expose the clock to the sun nor in a too wet place.

Le réglage de l'heure sur les mécanismes des horloges deLorentis

Hour adjustment

In order to avoid any quartz movement damage, proceed with the small wheel located on the mechanism in the back of the clock.
Clocks are delivered with preset movements. Hour must be set using this wheel or minute hand.

Relating to radio-controller mechanisms, refer to the relevant notice.

Entretien des horloges deLorentis et des décorations murales

Clock cleaning

Attention ! Do not use solvent products.

For metallic surface cleaning, proceed with a smooth towel.

Caractéristiques et bon usage des mécanismes des horloges deLorentis


UTS quartz movements are equipped with a metallic hanger.
Use Alcaline battery (High Energy model prefered) type Mignon-Cell IEC (AA) - R6 1,5V.
Operating temperature range: -5°C to +50°C.
Accuracy: n. DIN 8325 ≤ 1s/d.
Operating time/Battery: 1.5 / 2 years.

Attention ! Do not use rechargeable battery !

Note ! Quartz movements are completely noiseless !

Période de garantie pour les horloges deLorentis


Our clocks have a three-year warranty starting at the delivery date. After the warranty period, in case of failure, the quartz movement can be exchanged. Shipment and replacement will be charged to the customer. Prior quartz movement replacement contact us.